*.app I can't live without in Leopard

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They refer to what kind of *.app they use usually in Mac OSX. Here's my list of such apps:

That's all about *.app, and there're other more apps used in terminal. I've been trying to use platform-free apps, which I can use at least in both Windows and Mac. For me, Mac OSX is just an easy-to-use and good-looking UNIX OS.


miyagawa told me that I should list such apps on iusethis mac software rather than do blogging here. Thanks!

So, here's my profile page. Why don't you share your favorite apps on that site?

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NiksNiks 2013/06/14 00:42 Does this use the webkit enigne?And is it based off Safari, with extra features, or is it a new browser from scratch? if so, how does it compare to Safari in terms of features both apps have? eg. speed and zooming etc.

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