22:50 |  あーでも迷う>< - subpop を含むブックマーク はてなブックマーク -  あーでも迷う>< - subpop  あーでも迷う>< - subpop のブックマークコメント



入力ソース問題については、InputSwitcher - Windchaseにより、全部ではないものの、かなりの部分において解決されている。詳細については、上記エントリを参照のこと。

#emacs#emacs2007/11/07 05:58Hi,
your feed has a subscription with "Planet Emacs". Problem is 90+% of folks can't read that Chinese? Japanese? or whatever language that is. Could you please do someting about it ... maybe put some english-only feed on Planet Emacs?!
Tia your folks from #emacs

antipopantipop2007/11/07 18:00Hi folks from #emacs,

I feel really sorry that my blog seems to stir up Planet Emacsen and disgust you, English-speaking people. The feed of this blog is up to its service provider, Hatena::Diary, so I'm unable to offer such feed as English-only or so. If you mind, you might as well ask the owner of Planet Emacsen to remove me from it. In that case, please refer the conversation between Edward and me in advance:


Anyway, I've been feeling like learning English by blogging in English for a long time, so I'll blog in English here from this time getting this opportunity. I won't always write about Emacs-related things, though ;)